We Reviewed The Best Penis Enlargement Patches!

Most men, who were not endowed with large size at birth, dream of having a larger penis. That has been the way things are since the early days and some of the people in this world rate their performance based on the size of their penis.

Sadly enough many people fail to understand that a normal size penis is just as capable of sexual performance as someone with a larger penis.

With that in mind there is no reason to feel down and out about your penis size. However, there are those that believe that the new confidence that comes with a larger penis size is a deciding factor in whether or not they can perform to their fullest. That said, there are many products on the market that will enhance the size of the penis and most of them are safe.

You should always be careful when buying any kind of penis enlargement device, drug or what have you because there are some that have not been proven safe at all. With that in mind you need to take the cautious steps towards being more involved in the decision and not make a mistake the first time around.

The penis enlargement industry is wide spread and continues to make great strides in the enhancement of the penis. That is why the new penis enlargement patch has become so very popular with the men around the world. Rather than go through a rather painful and somewhat unsuccessful surgery, all they need to do is apply the patch that will last anywhere from one week to one month.

The patch then releases the chemicals into the body that will not only increase the penis size, but also the strength of the erection. That is something that many of the men who wear this penis patch are finding to be amazing. Unlike the devices that are being sold, there is nothing that you as the wearer of the patch need to do.

The patch does it all for you. The enhanced sexual experience as reported by the users is amazing and is building the confidence of the men around the world. Now there is some question as to how safe the patch it. Well in a word the penis patch is one of the safest alternatives to the modern practices. The chemicals it releases are naturally found in the body any way, most commonly the chemical testosterone.

This chemical is used to simulate the experience of the sexual activity and also increases the chances that you will find the pleasure you are looking for. Increasing the level of testosterone in the body increases the blood flow and such to the penis during intercourse and arousal. When this occurs you are finding that the erection is far stronger as well as the orgasm.

Of course it is also known to increase the performance, allowing the man to maintain the erection longer and without the side effects that come with the drugs that are currently on the market. For reasons of safety you should not wear the patch all the time. This can result in a high dose of testosterone which could cause a lot of problems. For many men, the slight increase brings about massive results, which is what they are after from the very beginning.

The Best 5 Penis Enlargement Patches

Ranking Rank
Top 5
Penis Patch
ProEnhance System MaxiDerm
Virility Patch RX
Up To 3 Inches Up To 3 Inches Up To 3 Inches Up To 3 Inches
Outstanding Excellent Excellent Poor
Reputation Outstanding Excellent Excellent Poor
Enlargement Methods
Penis Patch + Penis Exercise No No No
Doctor Approved Yes Yes Yes* No
Free Bonuses Yes Yes Yes No
Their Guarantee 6
Our Review Full
Full Review Full
Full Review

* Although they claimed their patch is doctor approved, we were unable to find evidence to back it up.

#1 Penis Enlargement Patch:  ProEnhance System Review

There is a statement in this world that men tend to make. They believe that they are the best lovers a person could have when it comes to sexual relations and in some cases that might actually be true. However, what a person does not realize is the fact that most of these men are secretly lacking in self esteem that surrounds their sexual performance.

Most of this relates directly to the size of their penis and how women will perceive this size issue. For many the size of their penis has a direct link to the way they feel about themselves and how successful they will be in the singles scene. Oddly enough, most of these men will never seek any kind of medical help or what have you for this problem.

This is due in part to their own vanity and desire to remain above the rest. This is coupled with the fact that they are not confident that they could handle the shame that comes with the issue. So they go through life looking for a discreet method to enlarge their penis and hope that no one ever finds out what they went through. This is a very difficult time for most men as they are in a state of total denial and will look to pretty much anything to solve this problem. With that comes the many issues relating to penile enlargement.

For most of the time where this has been an issue in the modern world the medical community has thought of it as nothing to be worried about. Doctors simply told their patients that were looking for such a fix that nothing could be done about it and they should learn to live with what they have. Well that caused even more problems.

Over the course of time the men of the world started to develop serious issues and those issues were related to their poor self image and the ways in which they viewed their body. When depression started to strike thousands of men most of it was brushed off. It was only when the impotence rate in this world started to climb to new heights did the medical world sit up and take notice. Sure, there are several drugs that will cure or treat impotence on the market to this day.

However, none of those drugs are known to be able to treat the underlying cause of the problem. Most often the men who had impotence reported that they had a very low self image and the size of their penis was a direct result of the onset of the disease or condition. So you can clearly see that the size of a man’s penis has more effect on the outcome of his sexual health than that of the previous thoughts the medical community had.

Unlike the years past, the advancements of late in the penile enlargement industry have been massive, no pun intended. Aligning themselves with the doctors who finally sat up and took notice, the penis enlargement companies that pepper the landscape now have the promise of success to back them.

They are no longer relying on simple promises that can not be kept or over the top guarantees. They are more in the area of actual results that will give the customers they have the best possible out come for the penis enlargement they are seeking. Marketing through these concepts has been massive and they are never far from the top of the list.

Research into the best products of all can be a daunting task to say the least. There are no fewer than several hundred companies all working in the world at this time that have some kind of penis enlargement product on the market. For those who do not have the kind of time to look at them all, there is a solution.

We have compiled the top five penis enlargement products of all time into one set of easy to follow reviews. Each review contains one product and gives you the information you need. For this review we will be looking at the number one rated product currently operating, the Proenhance penis patch system.

If you have looked at the industry for any amount of time you know that there are many products to choose from. What you may not know is the fact that the penis patch system is the most popular and of those products the Proenhance penis system is the best of the best. As with any of the best, Proenhance has thousands of happy customers which is why they have achieved the top spot in this list.

The effects that the patch has had on the entire penis enlargement industry is massive. With the Proenhance penis patch system you are getting the most advanced supplement delivery system that is known to man. Rather than going with the pills that can take days or months to finally take effect, you are getting the transdermal patch. With the transdermal patch delivery system you have the opportunity to see the results much faster.

This is due to the fact that the supplements are being sent into the blood stream right away, rather than passing through the digestive system as they do with the pill forms. So you are getting down to business faster than ever by wearing the simple patch.

Unlike other companies, Proenhance does not leave you out in the cold once you make the purchase. With the purchase of the Proenhance penis patch system you will be getting access to For Men Only. This is a comprehensive website that is full of so much information it is hard to believe that it is coming to you free. You will get exercises all proven to increase the length of the penis, as well as free advice, a web forum and real customer feedback.

You can expect not only a penis length and girth increase of three inches, but also better semen production, stronger and longer lasting erections and increased sex drive. This is all combined with the one hundred and eighty day money back guarantee from Proenhance. This is the best guarantee in the business for the penis patch systems.

#2 Penis Enlargement Patch:  MaxiDerm Patch Review

The lack of self confidence that many of the world’s men feel to this day has never been truly grasped by the medical world. They have sought ways to teach men that there is nothing wrong with the penis size they have. Well that is not always the case and with this train of thought the medical world has sorely failed. That is the plight of most things that the scientific community has said is a vanity issue.

The same held true for the women who were seeking to have larger breasts. They were looking for a way to increase the size of their breasts to be more appealing to men. Well it took literally decades for the doctors to finally realize that this was a real issue that needed to be resolved. When it finally did, the lack of self image among many of the world’s women disappeared.

The men saw a chance for the same respect to be applied to their problem but once again they were ignored. They were sadly mistaken to think that the world of medicine was going to give them any kind of thought. So we moved forward, with only a few small medical articles being written on the issue and making certain that men never found what they were looking for when it came to the penis enlargement issues.

Largely due to the lack of response on the part of medicine, some doctors believed that they would find the right methods through their own method of research and so on. This brought about a new era in the penis enlargement community. It was not hard to see how a man could have a lower self worth and so on when you looked at the way the world portrayed men.

They were thinking that only those with the largest penis size were worthy of having the finest women. So we went through the whole process of finding what could be the most prolific status of penis enlargement research that the world has ever seen. When things take a turn for the worst in the male mind when it comes to penis size he is willing to make any kind of stretch that he needs to make and will fall for any number of scams as they come along.

That is why it is so important for a many to understand all that goes into the penis enlargement process. There has never been a proven over night method that will increase the length of the penis. You can put that thought out of your head from the beginning. You will only end up with a much smaller bank account if you fall for that old trick.

So be very careful with products that guarantee such a thing as you will be very disappointed with the results. There is also the chance that the ingredients can be very dangerous which is why you should never under take such a product. This is why you should certainly consider the penis patch system. This is the newest and most popular penis enlargement system that has hit the market.

For those that do not have a lot of time we have compiled the list of the top five penis patch systems based on the customer reviews. All of the products on the top five have been proven to do their job and do it well. For the purpose of this discussion we will be looking at the second most highest rated product, Maxiderm.

The Maxiderm patch system has climbed all the way to the number two spot and runs in close competition with the top contender in the list. They are a highly rated and sought after product that has been helping male customers realize their penis enlargement desires for many years. This is all accomplished through the revolutionary transdermal patch delivery system that has been sweeping the nation.

Using the Maxiderm patch system is simple and highly effective. The idea behind the patch system is simple. You are getting the supplements to the blood stream in a more direct manner and therefore allowing them to work much faster. Unlike pills, the patch allows the supplements to be directly placed in the blood system where they will begin their operating procedures.

With the pills that are common on the market you must take them for a certain amount of time before they even begin to work. That is because they must go through the digestive system and then travel to the liver. The liver will filter out many of the supplements and make the pills lose their effectiveness. That is why the transdermal patch is becoming the most highly rated system for supplement and medication delivery.

With the Maxiderm patch system you are getting the best you can when it comes to penis enlargement. Not only that, you will get all of the wonderful added benefits that other systems cannot offer. For most people you will see an increase of three of more inches within a six month time period. There are few products on the market that can match this kind of progressive nature. This is coupled with the fact that you will also be seeing a definite increase in penis girth. This will aid the sexual pleasure for both you and your partner.

In most cases the person will also see a huge increase in sex drive and find that their erections are more powerful and longer lasting. So you are getting much more than the simple penis length increase. As an added bonus you will be getting several free items when you purchase the Maxiderm penis patch system.

For one you will get a bottle of pheromones. This little bottle of pleasant smelling formula will help you on the road to success when it comes to the dating and singles scene. Then you will also get the Girls Gone Crazy spring break DVD. It is full of hot college age girls showing off what they have for your viewing pleasure. If that was not enough then you will also get a full bottle of Semenax. This product works with the penis patch system to increase the size of your load for increased pleasure.

Maxiderm is backed by a full money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy then simply return the unused portion within two months and your money will be refunded.

#3 Penis Enlargement Patch:  Vimax Patch Review

Most people understand the need for good sexual health. While the normal body health is very important, the need for sex is also very evident. That is where a good many people tend to fail. They do not see that sex is an important part of life that needs to be taken to the proper levels for a person to function in such a way.

Oddly enough, there is little said about good sexual health from a male point of view unless it deals with the person having some kind of disease or medical condition. That is where most of the loyalties of the medical community tend to lie.

So we see that if a male has erectile dysfunction or impotence then he is getting the proper amount of attention because of the fact that he can no longer perform for the physical ailment that brings him down.

But what about the men of the world that do not have a physical problem but are simply unhappy with the current state of their body? This is seen clearly in the depression that can strike when a man is not happy with the length of his penis. More often than not you will find that a person is looking for methods to ensure that he is the right size and able to pleasure his chosen lover.

The problem is that most of the men in the world profess that they are not happy with the length of their penis and simply need some kind of relief from the problem. So how do you begin to understand the issue? Well we need to look at the root of the problem before we can go any further.

The size of a man’s penis has a lot to do with the performance and such when it comes to sexual relations. If he is not pleased or what have you with the size then he will be in the wrong frame of mind for any kind of sexual contact. That is why it is so important for a man to have a good self image. The borders of healthy sexual function depend on the idea that you have the confidence to undertake sexual intercourse with your chosen lover.

When the ideas about your body start to fail then you are looking for nothing short of a miracle cure to help you along the way. That is not the way that things usually work though. Penis enlargement as a whole is a process. This process can take as long as six months and require a small amount of dedication on your part.

You should always be very wary of the people who claim they can treat this problem over night. The only known fast method for penis enlargement is the surgery. But there are problems with the surgery. For one thing, you will note that severe scar formations can occur. When that happens you will find that you will no longer be able to perform as you once did.

This speaks to the fact that erections are painful when there is scar tissue evident with the penis. Impotence is raging in the people who have the penis enlargement surgery and that means it is not any kind of a good idea.

For those that are seeking some kind of relief that does not involve the painful surgery there is some hope on the horizon. The new transdermal penis patch systems that have recently been released to the market are showing great promise in helping men to realize their idea of penis enlargement. This is all seen clearly in the top five penis enlargement products. Each of the top five is a penis patch system and each one is proven to be safe and highly effective for the user.

In this case we will be looking at the number three rated product for penis enlargement, the Vimax penis patch system. The name of this product may ring a bell or two. Vimax as a company is known well in the industry and they are known as one of the leading companies for penis enlargement.

The company was founded by a doctor who spent most of his professional career helping men with their penis enlargement needs. He became disenchanted with the idea of surgery because of the problems that followed so he invented several methods for penile enlargement. His newest product is the Vimax penis patch system.

For those who are unaware, you will note that the penis patch system is the best method for penis enlargement because it is very safe and highly effective. The idea is the transdermal patch. With this system you will note the many similarities between the penis patch and the other patches, like the nicotine patch.

They are based on the same concept and work in the same manner. The idea is to get the supplements to the blood stream as quickly as possible. This is a vast improvement over the pill. The pill form for penis enlargement requires the person to take the pills for a certain amount of time before they begin to work.

This is due to the fact that it has to pass through the digestive system and that is where some of the effects are lost. With the penis patch system you will see that the supplements are delivered right to the blood stream and therefore they can begin to work each and every day that you wear the patch.

The penis patch as made by Vimax is known to help the customers increase the length of their penis by three or more inches. This is the normal amount of increase that you will find with this kind of system. There have been increases as high as four inches but these results are not typical and should not be counted on.

Most of the customers also report that a drastic increase in girth is found when using this product. This helps as penis girth increases the pleasure for the woman to a higher degree then the length.

The Vimax penis patch system is guaranteed to work for you. If you do not see the intended results within the first two months then simply return the unused portion for a full refund with no questions asked.

#4 Penis Enlargement Patch:  Virility Patch RX Review

The manner of speaking that looks at the health that we all have is different in most peoples eyes. That is the way that things have always been when you consider the fact that people are being pushed to lead far more healthy life styles than they ever have. This is the concept that makes a person wonder why things are the way they are.

Nothing in this world seems to be the same as it was so many years ago. They are looking at ways to make sure they have the best possible life span but at the same time they also want to be able to enjoy life as much as possible. This means that things may get difficult for a lot of people. Enjoying life is much different than living to the right style as people are noted for from their doctors.

As a matter of debate, most of the things that people enjoy in their life are not really all that good for them. This is the plight of modern man. When in the past it was thought that red meat and so on was the best thing for them, it is now known that it can be potentially dangerous for them. That is why they suggest going easy on such things and making some big changes in the dietary habits they have.

Long life is supposed to be linked to the way we live in the present. So that can be moved around and shown to be linked to other areas of our lives. In this case we are thinking about the sexual health that we should all be enjoying. In most cases, a person can lead a very healthy sexual life well into their sixties, but that is not always the case.

In some cases people will lose their desire for sexual relations as early as middle age. This can cause a lot of problems for people who still wish to be leading that kind of a relationship and instead would prefer to manage the whole issue with as little trouble as possible. That is not the case in most parts of the sexual health issue.

Men are the most common people to suffer from sexual problems, especially when they reach middle age. In most cases you will find that they are looking for ways to make sure that they have the right kind of treatment for the sexual problems but they do not wish to involve their doctors. The lack of sex drive in the middle aged man is common because of the bodies desire to no longer reproduce but this is only part of the equation.

By the time the man reaches middle age, his poor self image may finally come to a head. In light of these changes you will note that many of the world’s men are looking at the image they have of themselves and diving into a depressed state of mind. This state of mind is directly related to the way they view their penis length and how they are going to change it.

The depression they feel is very strong and cannot be countered with the normal ideas of treatment for this medical condition. While some of the therapists of the world have said they can treat this kind of depression with nothing more than a radical form of therapy, there is no medical foundation for this concept.

The only way to successfully treat this is to increase the length and the girth of the penis and allow for the man to feel more confident in the bedroom and sexual relations that he has. For that there are several ideas and methods, many of which are showing great promise in treating this area of the male sexual health gambit.

The newest products on the market are the penis patches. These methods are known to be not only safe but highly effective in treating the underlying cause of this problem. The enlarging of the penis is a big deal to many men and they are looking for ways to make sure that their penis length and girth goals are met without the least amount of trouble.

That is where the penis patch systems come into play. For reasons of the massive research that must go into these products we have compiled a list of the top five penis patch products on the market. These products are rated based on the customer reviews and feedback that was given to the company and outside studies.

In this review we are looking at the number four product on the list, the Virility Patch RX. This is not to be confused with the number four product as the name is very similar but they are made by two different companies. Both of these products have been known to be highly effective and can treat the penis enlargement desires that men have.

The Virility Patch RX system is a unique blend of supplements that have been formulated to increase the length of the penis and be completely safe. These supplements have been tested and marketed to the proper methods in making sure that everything in the penis enlargement program goes properly. This is coupled with the fact that the system for getting these supplements to the blood stream is new and revolutionary to say the least.

The Virility Patch RX system is accomplished through the unique transdermal patch system. With the patch you are getting a much higher concentration of the supplements directly into your blood stream. This is the opposite of the pill forms because the pills must pass through the digestive system. When they do this the liver is the filter that will make them lose their effectiveness.

So you see that you are going to have to take the pills for a much longer period of time before they are effective. The opposite is true with the patch system, like the Virility Patch RX. With the patch the supplements flow directly to the blood stream and begin to work without any delay at all.

The Virility Patch RX system is known to add at least two inches to the penis length you have and in most cases it will actually add three or more. This is coupled with the fact that you will also see an increase in sex drive, longer and stronger erections and higher semen output.

The Virility Patch RX system is completely safe and you can buy with confidence. Each system is backed by a full money