5 Erogenous Zones You Must Stimulate To Rock Her World

Part of the male human is the fact that they would love to have a very healthy sex life. This is something that most people do not understand because they are simply ambling through life with their head in the clouds. This common issue is the fact that most of the world is looking at themselves from the sexual point of view.

They are only interested in making certain that they can have the best time possible while at the same time they make sure the other person is sort of satisfied in the end. Things are now changing and the women of the world are now starting to enforce the rules as they apply to sexual relations.

Just because their orgasm is not directly related to reproduction they are now saying that it is just as important as the male orgasm. So with that in mind a male needs to know that finding ways to rock her world is about the only thing that is going to matter. She needs to know that you are going to try and bring her to orgasm each and every time that you are together in a sexual matter.

Oddly enough many of the men in the world are not aware of the fact that there are five zones on the female body that will make them go from zero to sixty in less than a minute if they are properly stimulated. Let us take a look at these areas of the body and perhaps we can find a way to make sure you and your partner can enjoy the over all sexual experience without upsetting one another.

Her Neck

This area of the female body is almost too easy to use as a sexual interest stimulation site. All you really have to do is caress and kiss the neck during or before the sexual encounter is to begin. That said, many people need to make sure they are doing this correctly. Do not be overly wet with this kind of thing. You will turn her off if you are slobbering all over her neck area.

Always be sure that you are gently kissing the neck and maybe running your fingers down it at the same time. This will send chills down her spine and increase the sexual tension between the two of you.

Her Hands

If you know the areas of the body then you know that certain parts are interconnected. This is the same kind of thing when you think about the hands from a sexually stimulating point of view. A females hands are highly sensitive and can easily be stimulated to the breaking point if you are sure of yourself.

Carefully caress and kiss her hands and you will start to drive her mad. End the entire process with a sensual hand massage that is certain to send the message of what you are after.

Her Ears

The ears is almost a dead give away when it comes to stimulating. Each woman is different on this issue though and you should be careful. Most often a woman will love to have herself stimulated through her ears but some hate it. Proceed slowly and watch for the positive reaction.

Her Feet

A nice foot massage does wonders for the sexual experience is done properly.

Her Inner Thighs

This one is almost too easy, after all you are only inches away from the main attraction. However, you should take the time to caress and massage the inner thighs as they will drive her wild with desire. 

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